Materials we use

We use the following materials for abutments:

Zirconium oxidTomb01

  • With denture/implant made of zircon we use coloured blocks
  • Long lasting and high in strength (four times the bending strain of the titanium)
  • Aesthetic; the frame mimicks the natural colour and translucency of the tooth, also, there is no change in colour.
  • Lifelike results due to its material, colour, strength, resistance
  • Ceramic veneer made easy
  • Absolutely biocompatible; no allergy symptoms


  • Extremely biocompatible, no allergic reactions
  • Corrosion-proof; resistant to oral bacteria, acid. There is no galvanization, which usually causes metallic taste and burning sensation in the mouth when metallic framework is used
  • Low thermal conductivity even though it is a metal. It withstands high/low temperatures
  • It is lightweight compared to a similar CoCr framework
  • X-ray transparent
  • Ceramic veenering

Cobalt Chrome (CoCr) alloy

  • Easy and fast workability
  • Inexpensive
  • Ceramic veenering
  • Corrosion proof, suitable for the preparation of long lasting metal frameworks
  • It’s ten times more biocompetent than a nickel-chrome alloy


  • Aesthetic, strong plastic
  • For the use of temporary crowns and bridges

We work with

3Shape D810 3D scannerSzkenner

  1. 3D scanning of gypsum and impression models
  2. 1 laser, 2 cameras, 3 axis movements
  3. Two automatic trays for further speed and precision
  4. High accuracy: < 15 Microns

3Shape Dental Designer+Abutment designer

  • CAD system


  • CAM system

imes-icore CORITEC 550i dental-milling deviceFrezgep

  • processing of all important dental materials by milling with 5 axes
  • The CORiTEC 550i is designed to mill all important materials like Zirconium oxide,
  • Aluminum oxide, resins/plastic, wax and NP-alloys as well as Titanium and Titanium
  • alloys, glass ceramics / lithium disilicate
  • Accuracy: <5 µm
  • Dry and wet milling

iSint-HT high powered sintering furnace

  • Sintering of more than 60 units in up to 2 layers
  • Microprocessor controlled temperature

Send us your data

  • Via post or by delivery
  • Digitally, by scanner

Do you own a scanner?

Scan the impression and we do the rest: design and milling.

You don’t own a scanner...

...but would like one? How to gain a scanner through a tender: We cannot guarantee a free scanner but we can give you free consultation on how to get your own at a favourable price.

For more information visit our website, and get in touch.

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